Major Record Labels Hit Pandora With Copyright Infringement LawsuitWe’re sure that even before Pandora set up shop, they had approached music labels and publishers in order to secure the rights to stream the songs performed by a variety of artists and bands. If they didn’t we’d have expected to see the company hit with a lawsuit during its first day of operations.

However it seems that there might be some copyright areas that Pandora might have neglected, or thought that they were in the clear, and this is with regards to songs recorded before 1972. In a recent lawsuit, the major record labels, Sony, Warner, and Universal have jointly sued Pandora over alleged copyright infringement.
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Michaels Arts And Crafts Retailer Confirms Customer Data Security BreachIf you’re in need of arts and crafts supplies, there is a chance that you might have headed over to Michaels Stores, a company which is considered to one of the largest retailers with regards to arts and crafts supplies in the US. Back in January this year, the company warned that their systems could have experienced a security breach, but it was only today that the company confirmed it.

According to Michaels Stores, the breach apparently took place between the 8th of May 2013 to the 27th of January 2014. The company estimates that 2.6 million cards might have been affected. While this is a huge number, it only constitutes to about 7% of the payment cards used at its stores during the period, so not all of Michaels Stores’ customers are affected.
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Sprint Removes Mention Of Android 4.4.3 KitKat Update For The Nexus 5There have been rumors suggesting that Google had been dogfooding the Android 4.4.3 KitKat update and according to an earlier report, it was suggested that Sprint could be pushing out the update to the Nexus 5, or at least that was what was implied a few days ago. Unfortunately not only has the update not been pushed out to the Nexus 5, but all mention of it has been removed from Sprint’s website as well.

It has recently been discovered that any mention of the Android 4.4.3 KitKat update, also known as the KTU84F, on Sprint’s support page has been removed. According to the schedule, it was pegged for a release on the 14th of April which was something to look forward to, especially if there were bug fixes in the update that Nexus 5 owners needed. Not to mention the update would open up two new Spark LTE bands.
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Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is expected to see a release on the 27th of May and while we might have some idea of the game and the story, we’re not too sure how the entire thing will play out. However that has not stopped Ubisoft from creating an ebook that will act as a sequel to Watch Dogs once the game has ended.

Interestingly enough Ubisoft has decided to release the Watch Dogs ebook alongside the game itself, so if you want to avoid any spoilers, you might want to complete the game before diving into the book. The book, titled Watch_Dogs //n/Dark Clouds, is written by John Shirley, an author who has written over 30 books and short stories during the course of his career.
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We know that Pokemon is a pretty big deal in Japan. Not only do they have Pokemon-themed airplanes, they also have Pokemon Centers, and recently it was revealed that by attending a Japanese football match, attendees had the chance of winning themselves a limited edition Pokemon-themed 3DS XL.

Well it looks like the Pokemon promotions are set to continue because in conjunction with Pokemon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, it looks like moviegoers will be able to redeem themselves a couple of Pokemon characters that they can add to their Pokemon X and Y collection.
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UbiArt Engine Powered Prince Of Persia Could Be In The Works [Rumor]It has been a while since we have seen a new Prince of Persia game, HD remakes not included, so could there be a new title in the works? Well that seems to be what French website Le Portail du Jeu Video is reporting. According to them, it seems that a new Prince of Persia title is in the works and it could be going back to its 2D roots, although thankfully with improved graphics.

Assuming that the rumors are true, this new Prince of Persia game could be taking advantage of the UbiArt engine that is used by both Rayman: Legends and the upcoming game, Child of Light. If this is true, we can only imagine that the game would look really good and would indeed be very reminiscent of how the game was back in the day of the Gameboy, except that it would have newer graphics that we can look at and appreciate.
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5 Million Xbox One Consoles Shipped To DateJust the other day we reported that the Sony PlayStation 4 had managed to sell over 7 million units around the world, but what about Microsoft’s Xbox One? The last we heard from Microsoft was back in January where they announced 3.9 million units sold to date. However Microsoft has recently posted on its blog their latest figures and according to the company, they have managed to sell 5 million Xbox One consoles since its launch.

However Microsoft did state that these sales were to retailers, so it does not necessarily mean that there are actually 5 million Xbox One consoles that have been bought be the end-user. In fact there is a good chance that number could be lower, but then again Microsoft would only supply their retailers with that many consoles only if they saw some kind of demand, right? Either way we guess it still does not match up to the PlayStation 4.
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Toshiba Shows How Project Aras Modularity Can Be Applied To WearablesGoogle’s Project Ara is a pretty unique and interesting concept. The idea is to allow users to continuously upgrade their phones and swap out parts to create the phone of their dreams. For example right now we are pretty much limited in terms of customizability. For example you might like this phone’s design, but its camera is somewhat lacking, or you like a set of features from a particular brand but feel that its hardware could be better, and so on.

Those are the kind of problems that Project Ara wants to address, but at the same time could Project Ara be applied to wearable technology as well? It turns out that Toshiba might have thought of something like that. During the Ara Developer Conference, Toshiba’s Senior VP and Technology Executive, Shardul Kazi, took to the stage where he revealed a concept in which Ara’s modular components could be taken out of the smartphone and inserted into a wearable device.
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Purchasing The OnePlus One Will Require An InviteAre you planning on getting your hands on the upcoming CyanogenMod-loaded OnePlus One handset? Well if you are, it seems that the company has recently launched some kind of invite system where you basically will need to be invited in order to be able to purchase the device. Sure the device is pretty hyped given the popularity of CyanogenMod and the fact the phone packs some pretty impressive hardware, but is that it popular to be able to pull off such exclusivity?

Maybe, maybe not, but according to the company’s explanation, this has to do more with demand and supply and it is a good way to ensure that the company has enough phones for everyone, as opposed to running out of stock and disappointing customers. The invites can be had via forums, contests, as well as invites from other OnePlus One buyers, meaning that if you wanted to get your hands on the handset, you’d have to start looking around.
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So the other day we reported that Square Enix Montreal was set to release Hitman GO on the 17th of April and sure enough they have. The game has been launched for iOS devices where it is priced at $4.99. An Android version is expected at a later date but for now, iOS users will be able to enjoy it first.

The game is a turn-based game and is very different from the original Hitman franchise. While it does a bit of stealth, the game feels more like a board game than anything. Players are tasked with certain missions in every stage where they have to ensure that they are not seen by security and try to make it to the finish point.
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