Tesla conducted a press call today. The main agenda was Musk and co.’s vision to eliminate “range anxiety.” The company has revealed that a new software update for its Model S cars will ensure that drivers don’t fear running out of range. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk also revealed that a software update will be released for the Model S in about three months which will add an “autopilot” self-driving mode.

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Empire is one of the most popular shows on TV right now. Nielsen began tracking numbers some 23 years ago and Empire has become the only show in all these years to grow its viewer base every single week with each new episode. Latest numbers show that last night’s season finale was watched live by over 16.5 million people. CBS’s Survivor is its closest competitor, but Empire has a lead of more than 7 million viewers. So imagine how Hulu subscribers will feel when they find out that they are the only ones who can stream Empire online.

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At its Mobile World Congress 2015 event Samsung was expected to unveil a new smartwatch but it didn’t. The company later said that it has decided to hold on to the wearable device until it can be sure that it’s the “perfect” smartwatch. Previous reports suggest that the new smartwatch is referred to as the Orbis and as the name suggests it will have a round design. A new report claims that Samsung is working with a premium watchmarker for the Orbis.

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aisin-pmdThe idea of a personal mobility device is definitely not new, and trust the Japanese to come up with their own iterations that are sure to garner attention – delivering the hallmarks of efficiency at the same time. Aisin Seiki Co Ltd and Chiba Institute of Technology have just made an announcement concerning the “ILY-A”, a three-wheeled electric vehicle which can ferry about a single person.

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There are many who believe that Netflix could come up with another way of letting users browse titles in a particular category instead of the horizontal scrolling method that it currently uses. Netflix has not said if it plans to change this which is why a developer from San Francisco has decided to take matters into his own hands. He created a bookmarklet which automatically adjusts the arrangement so that users can view all titles in a Netflix category at once.

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pee-powered-radio-paperIt does seem as though us humans never run short on good ideas – where researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) have managed to come up with something interesting which could very well be a lifesaver in an emergency situation – I am referring to a pee-powered distress radio that has been specially built into a foldable, portable paper-based microbial fuel cell system .

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Google launched Android Device Manager in 2013. It’s a tool that lets people locate and remotely wipe their Android device should the need arise. The company says that the tool has helped reunite nearly 30 million users “with their wayward phones and tablets.” Today it announced that the Android Device Manager has been updated to allow locating a lost Android smartphone through an Android Wear smartwatch.

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tesla model s p85d

A few days back Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk had said that the company is going to roll out a software update for the Model S all electric car which will end “range anxiety.” That’s a feeling that electric car owners feel when they see their vehicle’s charge levels go down. Today Tesla finally revealed its proposed fix for range anxiety, which come to think of it, is a feeling that all electric car owners will experience regardless of whether that vehicle was made by Tesla or not. At least Tesla wants to do something about it.

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battlefrontIt looks as though Star Wars Battlefront is all set to experience an unveiling some time in April over at Star Wars Celebration, which happens to be the semi-annual fan convention, at least according to the folks over at Electronic Arts (EA).

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Amazon runs its own Appstore for Android devices. The Appstore comes pre-installed on all of the company’s own hardware, its smartphone and tablets, as well as on new devices from BlackBerry. Android users can download it as well. To get more people to download apps Amazon often offers some great apps for free. To mark the fourth anniversary of its Appstore the company has decided to offer $105 worth of apps for absolutely no charge at all.

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