Toyota recently announced that it’s creating a new in-house unit which will be tasked with developing electric cars, it goes to show that the Japanese auto giant is serious about competing in this market. The company has now said that it’s aiming to develop advanced electric car batteries “in a few years” which will provide 15 percent greater range and battery life than existing batteries.
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Xiaomi recently unveiled a new smartphone called the Mi Mix. It provided a lot of good press for the company as the device is quite different from most of its rivals in the smartphone market today. The company is riding high on that wave of good press but it’s also having to deal with rumors, not that’s it’s always bad to be at the center of rumors, there’s no such thing as bad publicity right? There have been rumors that perhaps Xiaomi will soon launch a Nano variant of this new device but the company is now setting the record straight.
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We’re hearing rumors about a new iPad these days. It’s believed that Apple is going to release one early next year that has a display above 10 inches. A new rumor out of Taiwan suggests that the company is going to release the 2017 iPad with a 10.5 inch display and that it’s going to be an “education and enterprise” tablet. Apple is said to start mass production of this new tablet next month.
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Samsung today announced that it’s rolling out a new firmware update for the Gear Fit2 activity tracker today. The update comes with key enhancements that will bring new levels of precision and convenience to the wearable device. Users will be automatically notified in their smartphone’s Quick Panel once the update for the Gear Fit2 goes live in their region. They will then be able to install it via the Samsung Gear app starting later today.
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Microsoft has created its own digital personal assistant named Cortana that’s capable of holding its own against rivals like Siri. It may have started on Windows Phone smartphones but Cortana has since been expanded to the broader Microsoft ecosystem so now it’s a staple on the company’s desktop OS as well. It remains available on smartphones as well and given the partnership that Microsoft has with Xiaomi, it also comes bundled with the latter’s Mi Mix smartphone.
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Samsung showcased its first custom CPU core earlier this year with the Exynos 8890 processor and if a new report is to be believed, the company is doubling down on its CPU development efforts. It’s claimed that Samsung’s Device Solution division is now working on its own CPU core for 32-bit microcontrollers, basically, the chips that are likely going to power Internet of Things and wearable devices.
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Google has a habit of providing incentives with each purchase of the Chromecast dongle and it’s back with yet another incentive. It’s a really good one. Customers who purchase last year’s Chromecast or the recently launched Chromecast Ultra will now get free HBO Now for three months. The purchase has to be made within a month from now in order to be eligible for this incentive.
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Samsung unveiled the Gear S3 smartwatch a couple of months ago. During the announcement, the company revealed that it had been working with Spotify to create a native application for the wearable device. The Gear S3 has since been released but the Spotify app is nowhere to be found. There’s some clarity on the matter now. It appears that the Spotify Gear S3 app is going to be released next month.
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galaxy-note-7-s-pen_04It seems that Samsung around the world is handling their apologies differently over the fiasco that was the Galaxy Note 7. In the US we saw Samsung take out full-page apology ads in newspapers, while in China executives reportedly knelt in apology which kind of backfired on them massively. Read full post →Samsung France Apologizes For Note 7 With Free 128GB SD Card

htc-vive-hardware_17Out of all the dedicated virtual reality headsets out there, the HTC Vive is probably the most expensive of the bunch. On top of that, users are also required to own a PC that is powerful enough to support it, thus making it more expensive and harder to access for the general public, but in spite of that, it seems that the headset is doing pretty well. Read full post →HTC Confirms ‘Much More’ Than 140,000 Vive Units Have Been Sold