If there is one thing that Apple’s iPhones are known for it would be their design. With Apple choosing not to refresh its iPhone design for the past 2 years, safe to say that there are many iPhone fans and users out there who are just dying to see what Apple could unveil next, and if the wait was worth it. Read full post →iPhone 8 Rumored To Sport ‘Water Drop’ Design

As if it wasn’t bad enough that upon entry into the US that some might be asked to share their social media information, but now it seems that if you’re planning to visit the US, you may no longer be allowed to carry electronic devices larger than your smartphone on board an airplane, or at least that’s what the new rules are suggesting. Read full post →US To Ban Some Airline Passengers From Carrying Larger Electronics

Samsung did say several months ago that it’s working on a new virtual assistant. Rumors about the Galaxy S8 have suggested that it’s going to be called Bixby. That has all been confirmed today. Samsung has officially announced its new artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant called Bixby. It has also confirmed that the assistant will make its debut with the Galaxy S8.
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We first reported on Hayo last month. It turns your gestures into controls for smart devices. It’s a device that’s placed in the home where it uses augmented reality to transform users gestures into commands that control connected devices around the house. The team behind the project has now announced that the developer API is available to those who want to make their products work with Hayo. It has also confirmed that the Hayo Indiegogo campaign is live now.
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It has almost become a tradition that Apple’s online store closes hours before its keynote speech at one of its major events where it unveils new products. The store goes back up again after the keynote with updated product pages. However, the company may take the store offline from time to time for maintenance and the updated system status page shows that it will be down early tomorrow morning. It’s interesting to note that this maintenance session has been scheduled amid increasing whispers about new products.
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Instagram jumped on to the live streaming bandwagon in November last year. It has since been gradually rolling out this feature to more users across the globe. Users didn’t have the option to save a copy of the live video that they broadcasted to the world after the live stream was over but the company is fixing that today. It has announced that you will now be able to save Instagram live video on your phone once you’re down broadcasting.
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We’ve already seen countless leaked images and renders of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus but that certainly doesn’t mean that we’ll stop seeing any more of them. Samsung isn’t due to unveil the new flagship until March 29th so until then we can be sure that more and more of these images will surface leading up to the launch. A press image of the new flagship reveals the color options that Samsung will offer with the Galaxy S8.
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We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the iPhone 8 price. Some even expect one of the models to cost north of $1,000 which would certainly put it out of reach of many customers who can’t justify spending that much on a smartphone that’s going to be obsolete in a few years time. However, according to a new report, it appears that Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone is actually going to undercut its main rival from Apple on price.
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It’s not uncommon for companies to come out with tools that enable their customers to easily switch over from a rival’s products to their competing option. Microsoft has been gunning for Apple’s Mac customers with the Surface tablets and notebook. It’s kicking things up a notch by launching a new tool which is going to make it very easy for its new customers to switch from Mac to Surface.
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NASA has been working with the aim of putting humans on Mars for a very long time. It’s not alone in this endeavor, many private companies on working on something similar, including Elon Musk’s SpaceX. According to a new report, SpaceX has been working with NASA to identify potential landing spots on the Red Planet. They will study the viability of the spots that they pick in a bid to figure out where the spacecraft would land.
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