You may recall that BlackBerry has decided to no longer make smartphones on its own. What the company has done is license its iconic brand to China-based TCL which will now manufacture and sell BB-branded handsets. The BlackBerry KEYOne is the first device to come out of this partnership and it appears that another is in the pipeline.
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Even if you’re not interested in virtual currencies, you might have heard the names ethereum and GDAX yesterday on social media. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, much like Bitcoin, and it’s one of the more actively traded virtual currencies. There was a “flash crash” in its value yesterday, the term refers to a steep immediate decline in value, which wiped out many traders but also apparently minted a millionaire.
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Tesla makes everything from electric cars to solar panels and home batteries but it’s not a company that’s known for music. However, soon it could be. According to a new report, Tesla is having discussions with record labels as it wishes to develop a music streaming service of its own. The question is, what does Tesla want to achieve with a music streaming service?
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If you’ve been a fan of Asus notebooks, you’re probably going to like what the company has announced today. The company has launched the all new Vivobook S510 today. The notebook comes with a slightly updated design and more powerful internals. It offers a combination of respectable performance coupled with a look and feel that can hold its own against the competition.
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It has only been a couple of days since OnePlus formally unveiled the OnePlus 5. The company has already said that it has proven to be its best-selling flagship smartphone to date. The OnePlus 5 is certainly one of the most feature-packed smartphones from this company and its CEO has taken to Twitter in order to clear up some confusion regarding one of the handset’s biggest features.
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LG Display, the Korean conglomerate’s display-making division, today introduced what it claims to be the world’s first 77 inch flexible and transparent OLED display. LG Display is already a well-recognized name in the large-sized OLED panel market. It says that this latest achievement further reinforces its leadership in this particular segment of the OLED market.
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It’s not uncommon for someone’s profile picture on a social network to be misused to cast them in a negative light. It’s one of the risks that are associated with social media and now Facebook is doing its bit to prevent profile picture misuse. The company is offering new protections for profile pictures to users in India so that someone with nefarious intentions can not share, copy or download their images.
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3D printing has come a long way from the days back when it was just a concept. You can buy a small one for your home for just a few hundred dollars while massive 3D printers have also been developed to print large items. General Electric has revealed that it’s developing a massive 3D printer which it’s going to use for printing jet engine parts.
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You’d never want to lose Apple as a customer as its departure could mean deep trouble for your company. That’s what Imagination Technologies has found out the hard way. The company supplied graphics processors for Apple’s mobile devices. Its PowerVR GPU has long been at the heart of iOS devices. Apple confirmed a couple of months back that it will now be making its own GPU for iOS devices and ended its relationship with Imagination Technologies. The latter has now put itself up for sale.
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Google got everyone excited about the smart wearable glasses concept with the Google Glass. It sold the device for $1,500 but it was clear that the first-generation product wasn’t meant for the average consumers. Google hasn’t really talked about releasing such a product for the average consumer since then but it’s still supporting the units it sold. The first Google Glass firmware update has arrive after nearly three years.
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