alcatel 640x210We’re pleased to invite you to the launch of the MOBILE TECH Incubator by ALCATEL ONETOUCH.

Monday December 3rd at 6:00PM
@ PRIME – 2415 Third Street, Suite 231 San Francisco, CA 94107 Read full post →MOBILE TECH Incubator by ALCATEL ONETOUCH

tumblr 640x492Tumblr seems to be home to many artsy types where photos, drawings, and hand-made crafts are posted and shared with the world. Now some of these drawings and crafts are actually pretty cool and if you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on some of them, Tumblr has recently introduced a “Buy” button in blog posts.

The “Buy” button will only link to Etsy which houses a lot of hand-made products. For example if you yourself have a product you’ve recently made, you can just link it to your Etsy page and the Buy button will be generated in Tumblr, so your customers will have quick access to it as opposed to having to scour your Etsy page for the product listing. Read full post →Tumblr Introduces “Buy” Buttons To Its Posts

high school ipad carBack in 2013 the LA School District announced their plans to start handing out iPads to its students but later this year, that plan was suspended due to criticisms that the deal was biased and ended up favoring Apple and Pearson who would have provided the educational materials for the tablets.

Well if you were wondering if a new and better deal could be reached that would see the program revived, you might be disappointed to learn that no such thing will be happening. According to a report from the LA Times, it has been revealed that the program has been officially ended. This was confirmed by LAUSD superintendent Ramon C. Cortines. Read full post →LA School District’s iPad Program Has Officially Come To An End

digione iphone 01 502x640Usually when it comes to accusations of who copied who, Apple is usually the company that is being copied in terms of their designs for smartphones, tablets, and computers, but in an interesting twist, it looks like one Chinese smartphone company is claiming that Apple has copied their design for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

This is particularly interesting because you might recall the Lenovo Sisley S90 which looks almost like the iPhone 6 in terms of design and marketing, but it seems that Apple might have ripped off Digione’s design instead. The company claims to have sent Apple a letter in September to make them aware of a possible patent infringement for a patent that was granted to them back in July by China’s State Intellectual Property Office. Read full post →Chinese Company Claims Apple Stole Its Design For The iPhone 6

apple logoPrivacy advocates were probably over the moon when they heard Apple and Google’s new encryption methods which is basically where neither company has the tools to decrypt a user’s smartphone and access its data, unless of course the data is stored in the cloud either in iCloud or Google Drive.

This has irked authorities to no end as it makes their life a lot harder when it comes to collecting evidence from the smartphone’s of suspects. In fact recently it was suggested that the death of a child could be the result of the authorities unable to pull evidence from the suspect’s phone, which safe to say is rather grim. Read full post →Feds Invoke “All Writs Act” To Compel Apple To Decrypt Smartphones

htc re camera 1 640x426So about a couple of months ago, HTC announced the RE Camera, an action-camera similar to the GoPro (in terms of functionality, not so much design) that users can slip into their pocket or into a holster and use it to film POV shots. The RE Camera has an interesting design and the fact that it doesn’t come with a viewfinder makes it a rather unique device, although we’re not sure if this might be appreciated by its users.

That being said, could HTC be planning its successor already? Well according to the reports, the answer is yes as HTC is said to be working on a successor to the RE Camera and that it could be launched as soon as next year. This was confirmed by Jack Tong the President of HTC North Asia where he said that the next-generation camera will be a standalone product aimed at the mass consumer market. Read full post →HTC RE Camera’s Successor In The Works For 2015

stonetether 640x640There are plenty of Bluetooth trackers available in the market at the moment, but in case you were looking for an alternative solution or just want to see what the market has to offer, you might be interested in the StoneTether. This is a Kickstarter project for a Bluetooth tracker and what makes it different from the competition is its range.

According to its creators, they are boasting that the StoneTether has a range of 500 feet which they claim is possible due to a combination of both hardware and proprietary software. This makes it possible for users to keep tabs on their children even if they are as far away as 8 houses down, or help them locate lost items easily. Read full post →StoneTether Bluetooth Tracker Has A Range Of 500 Feet

yotaphone 2Earlier this year you might have heard that Yota Devices launched a successor to 2013’s YotaPhone called the YotaPhone 2. The device was unfortunately limited to the Russian market and it was unclear as to when the phone would be making its way to other parts of the world, at least until recently where the company revealed their plans to make it more widely available in December.

Well the good news is that they finally have as the YotaPhone 2 has been officially announced for the UK. As for a launch stateside, Yota Devices told Sputnik News that a worldwide launch will be taking place early next year, so hopefully its availability stateside will be part of that release as well. Alternatively you could always import the phone from Europe ahead of the official release if that’s what you truly desire. Read full post →YotaPhone 2 Coming To Europe This Year, Global Launch In 2015

assassins creed movieAssassin’s Creed Unity is a pretty-looking game and its setting is pretty awesome too. For those unfamiliar, Assassin’s Creed Unity is set in Paris, France during the French Revolution which is rich in history. That being said, what can we expect for the next major Assassin’s Creed title? Well according to the folks at Kotaku, next year’s Assassin’s Creed will be set in London.

This has since been confirmed by the folks at Ubisoft who seemed a bit reluctant to confirm the leaked information, but we guess since it’s out, they might as well make it official. According to a statement released by Ubisoft, “It is always unfortunate when internal assets, not intended for public consumption, are leaked. And, while we certainly welcome anticipation for all of our upcoming titles, we’re disappointed for our fans, and our development team, that this conceptual asset is now public.” Read full post →2015′s Assassin’s Creed Will Be Set In London With A Victorian Theme

firefox 10 closes security holeFor Firefox users who are wondering if the browser is available for iOS devices, a quick search will pull up this answer from Mozilla: “Apple’s restrictions prevent us from bringing the current version of Firefox to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). We are researching new ways to make Firefox for iOS but there are no definite plans for a release at this time.”

Well the good news is that it looks like things could soon change. This is according to an internal statement made at a Mozilla event which was shared by the folks at TechCrunch. According to the statement which was made by Firefox VP Jonathan Nightingale, he was reportedly quoted as telling employees, “We need to be where our users are so we’re going to get Firefox on iOS.” Read full post →Mozilla Reportedly Considering Firefox For iOS