apple logoAbraham Lincoln had a very great idea when it comes to enemies – he insists that if one were to be able to win an enemy over, he would not only have “killed” the enemy in the process, but also gain a friend in the process. I suppose this is what Apple was thinking about when the company hired a couple of security researchers who worked on viruses that targeted Mac computers in the past. What better way to beef up the security of your products, now and in the future, than getting the best brains who know the most about your stuff, right?

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Drones do not seem to be in the news these days while bearing good news and glad tidings. Sure, deliveries in the future will be more efficient once the various drones programs take off, but essentially, a lot of it boils down to the responsibility of the owner to pilot their own drone in the right manner without causing any harm to the people around. This has led the to the introduction of a “No Drone Zone” for the entire duration of the Super Bowl, as you can see in the YouTube video above. You can bring your lucky jersey, a can of your face paint and your team spirit, but kindly leave your drone at home. Yup, Levi’s Stadium will be a bona fide No Drone Zone for this Super Bowl edition.

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new-uber-iconsWhile we have read about how an ex-Uber driver has been slapped with vehicular manslaughter charge, or stories of fake Uber drivers around which could prove to be a threat to the safety of Uber’s customers, do not think for a moment that all ridesharing drivers hail from the nether regions of hell itself. I am quite sure that the reported cases are minority incidents, but there has been an extraordinary number of sexual and physical assaults by Uber (fresh with a new logo and icons) and Lyft drivers this month alone, pointing to a rather potentially dangerous trend.

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One major advantage Hulu has over its competitors is that it gives subscribers the ability to stream certain shows the very next day after they’ve been aired. That really is something worth paying for since it can take several months for new seasons of shows to arrive on other services like Netflix. However, if a new report is to be believed, Hulu could stop offering next-day streaming.

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amazon-fire-tv-review-022Earlier today, we did bring you word on how the original Fire TV from Amazon would be on the receiving end of the Alexa assistant (which is available on the 4K Fire TV, but won’t be extensible as it is on the Amazon Echo), and while that is fine and dandy, this does not mean that that is all there is to it in the update. No sir, for the next few weeks to come, Fire TV customers who take advantage of the free over-the-air software update will be able to enjoy improvements to the Amazon Video add-on subscription service as well, which includes an easier method for one to sign-up, discover and access your Amazon Video add-on subscriptions.

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Google initially started testing its self-driving cars in Mountain View. The technology has come a long way since then and only recently Google started testing these cars in Austin and now it’s adding another city to the list. The company has confirmed that it has started testing its self-driving cars in Kirkland, Washington. Google says that Kirkland is an “ideal place” to test its fleet of autonomous cars.

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Pebble is rolling out a new firmware update for its Pebble Time smartwatch that brings an improved health tracking and messaging experience. Those who own its smartwatch can now download the updated apps for iOS and Android, version 3.6 and version 3.9 respectively, and update the firmware of their smartwatch to version 3.9.

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Late last year Square launched a new mobile reader which allows small businesses to accept credit card payments and even support mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Android Pay. It enables them to accept chip cards and mobile payment services and provide their customers with a fast and simple payment experience without having to purchase expensive terminals.

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youtube red

YouTube remains free for everybody as long as they don’t mind seeing advertisements, however, there’s an option for those who want an ad-free experience with some other features. YouTube Red was launched last year and aside from removing ads and providing new features it’s also going to give subscribers access to original content. It has been confirmed today that four YouTube Red original shows will debut on February 10th.

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Google announced today that it’s going to bring gigabit internet to public housing in all cities where its Google Fiber service is currently available, for free. It’s starting the rollout with a property in Kansas City called West Bluff. It has wired all 100 homes with Fiber and families can now sign up to access the internet at gigabit speeds with no cost to them.

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