pebble emoji 640x364Heads up Pebble owners, if you also happen to own an iOS device and have recently updated your device to iOS 8, you might be interested to learn that Pebble has recently announced that they will be releasing the Pebble firmware 2.5 update for their smartwatch. This update will bring about several new features, one of them being iOS 8 compatibility.

Apart from iOS 8 compatibility, which could be important for those who have updated their iOS devices, the firmware 2.5 update will also bring about support for Emoji. Yes, you read that right, if you wouldn’t mind seeing Emojis being displayed on your Pebble smartwatch, then version 2.5 will allow just that as you can see in the photo above. Read full post →Pebble’s Firmware 2.5 Update Brings iOS 8 Compatibility And More

halo evolvedMicrosoft’s Halo games have typically been restricted to the Xbox platform, although Microsoft has released a couple of Halo games for the PC, but what gives? Why aren’t more Halo games brought over onto the PC? Well the game’s executive producer Dan Ayoub recently spoke with the folks at Kotaku and offered a reason as to why Halo isn’t as widely available on the PC.

According to Ayoub, “From a technical standpoint, you look at the architecture of the Xbox One and there are some similarities to the architecture of a modern PC. That certainly makes that sort of cross-platform development easier.” However it seems that while technically it makes sense to port the game over, the size of the Halo games makes it a lot harder. Read full post →Microsoft Explains Halo’s Lack Of Presence On The PC

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

swiftkey one million 640x305With iOS 8, iOS users can finally get the option of installing third-party keyboards on their devices. While this is a welcome feature, is it one that many iOS users have been pining for? Well according to the number of SwiftKey downloads in 24 hours, it would certainly seem to be the case.

SwiftKey’s keyboard was released alongside iOS 8 and according to the folks at SwiftKey, it seems that they have managed to amass over 1 million downloads within a 24 hour period! It also seems that SwiftKey has managed to arrive at the number 1 spot on the US free app charts. Read full post →SwiftKey For iOS Hits 1 Million Downloads In 24 Hours

adoption8v7 6 640x429When iOS 7 was released last year, many rushed to download the operating system. This is because not only did the OS introduce new features, it also introduced a major visual overhaul which some felt was long overdue. In fact according to reports, iOS 7’s adoption rate was at 52% in its first week.

So how does iOS 8 fare? Well according to the folks at Tapjoy, a mobile app tech platform who gets over 200 million iOS impressions a month from their ad network, it would seem that while iOS 8’s adoption is steady, it is a tad slower compared to iOS 7. In fact if the graph above is accurate, it would seem that its adoption is slower than that of iOS 6. Read full post →iOS 8 Adoption Slower Out The Door Compared To iOS 7

microsoft logo1It was a couple of days ago when we reported that the second round of Microsoft layoffs were about to be set in motion, and here we are with word that Microsoft will be letting 2,100 workers go today. This is part of the original plan which was announced in July earlier this year, where there was the intention to make 18,000 people in their respective positions redundant, in an effort to make the workforce more efficient while integrating the acquisition of the Nokia handset unit.

Read full post →Microsoft Set To Fire 2,100 Employees Today

att fiber rocketchair sizedThe need for speed is not necessarily restricted to just a four wheeler coupe – no sir, the world of technology, too, appreciates the fact that there is a faster way of getting things done which would then free up more of your time. Having said that, businesses that want to be as efficient as possible can check out AT&T Business Fiber. Just what does AT&T Business Fiber deliver? Well, businesses which operate in AT&T Fiber Ready Buildings will be able to enjoy blazing-fast broadband speeds, that’s what.

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fb ios 8 updateIt was yesterday that iOS 8 was released to the masses, and hence it makes perfect sense for developers to talk about how their apps would fare in light of the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Facebook did not shy away from the subject, and the social network giant intends to introduce more updates to Facebook in the weeks to come, letting it feel right at home on your iOS-powered device (iOS 8, that is).

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ff13For those of you who simply fawn over all things Final Fantasy, you will be pleased as punch to realize that word has gotten out, pointing to a Final Fantasy 13 release over on Steam in October. This means that Lighting will be making his way over to the PC platform via Steam next month. The asking price for Final Fantasy 13 stands at $15.99 a pop, although if you are one who is always on the lookout for a bargain, how about placing your pre-order today and enjoy 10% off the listed price?

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oneplus preorderWhile the OnePlus One smartphone might be sought after by certain quarters, it definitely is not easy at all to make sure that you will be one of the lucky few people to grab hold of one, and there is a very simple reason behind that – the device itself has an annoying invitation system that makes it all the more challenging to procure one of these puppies so that you can hold it to the side of your ear and chat all day long, at the same time using those times to parade it in front of your green eyed friends. Thankfully, the days of awful invitations are over, as OnePlus has decided to ditch that system in favor of a prim and proper pre-order system.

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iphone 6 2 640x483Earlier this morning, we did mention about the iPhone 6 as well as its larger sized sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus’ release over in the world’s most populous country being held back simply because of a licensing issue. Of course, before the licensing issue is solved, there is another hurdle which both handsets would need to pass, and that would mean picking up the nod of approval from the China Compulsory Certification (CCC).

Read full post →iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Gets CCC Certified In China