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Last year Sony celebrated the 20th anniversary of its gaming platform, PlayStation. To commemorate the event it launched a special 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4. There’s nothing different in this console except for its color which is a tribute to the original PlayStation console. Only 12,300 units were produced which meant that many inevitably ended up on eBay for outrageous prices. Seeing that one was sold on eBay for $20,100 a man is now asking for $20,300 on Kickstarter to take a sledgehammer to a 20th Anniversary Edition PS4.

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This is turning out to be a great week for gamers, if you count out the PSN and XBL outage that is, as many deals and promotions on games were extended. Xbox’s Countdown to 2015 has also been extended by a few days. Console gaming aside, Steam’s Winter Encore sale has begun, which brings some of the best discounts on 40 titles. This is available for a limited time so if you’re on the lookout for discounted games better head on over to Steam right now.

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The Christmas holidays didn’t bring much joy for gamers around the world. Two of the biggest online gaming services, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, were down due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by a group called Lizard Squad. Gamers had to wait for a couple of days for these services to come back online. In order to make it up to everyone who suffered during this time, Sony is offering a PlayStation Plus extension to its members, apart from a flat 10 percent discount code for all PlayStation Network members.

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Microsoft is rumored to be working on a new Lumia smartphone. Apparently the next one is called Lumia 1330. The company itself is quiet on the issue as it hasn’t confirmed or denied any rumors about this device, but that’s pretty common behavior for smartphone manufacturers. Today, on the first day of 2015, we get to see what is claimed to be the Microsoft Lumia 1330 in its leaked pictures.

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It has been a while since LG launched its smartphone that touted a curved display. The device is called LG G Flex and its ready to be succeeded. That might happen soon it seems. A rumor out of Korea suggests that at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 LG is finally going to announce the G Flex 2, and its going to be a powerhouse, touting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor.

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HTC’s next flagship Android smartphone is reportedly codenamed Hima. Previous devices from this lineup have been called HTC One (M7) and HTC One (M8). You would have been forgiven for expecting the upcoming smartphone to be called (M9) but it is being said that HTC might go with a different name this time around. While that remains to be seen, feast your eyes on these purported HTC Hima leaked pictures.

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We often get to see bugs surface in some major online services whenever the new year rolls in. This is usually because of server-side issues due to date change. Something similar has happened with the Xbox One SmartGlass app on Windows and Windows Phone. The app is crashing due to a date bug, apparently SmartGlass thinks that we’re not in 2015, instead we’re back to 31st December 2013.

This date bug was first reported on reddit where someone also posted a screenshot showing the messaging app has started timestamping messages with 12/31/2013. It was initially thought that the bug was limited to the messaging app but this bug is also the reason why Xbox One SmartGlass is crashing on both Windows and Windows Phone.

Twitter users experienced something like this last week when they were kicked out of the mobile apps automatically. On Tweetdeck users saw posts backdated by an entire year and that’s because Twitter’s servers though it was 29th December 2015 already, they jumped an entire year ahead causing those issues. Twitter took a few hours to resolve this.

The only workaround that has been floated on reddit involves moving back the system date to 2013, which isn’t really the right thing to do, unless the only thing you use on your device is SmartGlass. Hopefully a fix will be rolled out soon, shouldn’t take too long to put together anyway.

xbox one

Who doesn’t love deals? Its always nice when someone gets to buy something for a significant discount, which is why companies tend to offer good deals, particularly around the holiday season. For the past few days Microsoft has been running Countdown to 2015 for Xbox owners. Even though this was originally supposed to expire on New Year’s Eve it has now been confirmed that these Xbox deals have been extended for a few days.

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We have all heard that Samsung has been working on the Tizen operating system but there aren’t a lot of products that run this OS just yet. The first smartphone powered by it was supposed to be released in 2014 but apparently it was pushed back to January 2015. While we wait for that smartphone to arrive at least we’ll be able to pick up smart TVs running Tizen. Samsung has confirmed that all of its new smart TVs will run on this nascent operating system.

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In October last year Netflix confirmed that its subscribers will be able to stream one of the most popular TV shows to ever come out of NBC. Friends was due to be added to the Netflix library on January 1st, 2015 and that has finally happened. Subscribers can now watch Friends on Netflix. Don’t be alarmed if you’re not able to find it in search results as this is something that many are experiencing right now.

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