Google-owned Waze announced a partnership with Spotify earlier this year. The idea was to eliminate the hassle for drivers that want to listen to music while keeping an eye on their navigational app. To enable them to stream music without having to leave the app, Waze announced an integration with Spotify. It was limited to Android back then but the Waze/Spotify integration has now landed on iOS devices.
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The last thing you’d expect from a popular security app is for it to end up infecting your system with malware but that’s precisely what happened with Avast-owned CCleaner. With over two billion downloads, it’s easily considered a popular security app. Cisco Talos security researchers have discovered that hackers breached security to inject malware that was possibly distributed to millions of CCleaner’s users.
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If you were watching the iPhone event earlier this month you might recall that when the time came for a demo of the iPhone X’s Face ID facial recognition feature, things didn’t go as planned. Face ID failed on the primary demo device twice so the backup had to be used. Face ID worked perfectly fine on the backup but the damage was done, so to speak. Huawei has taken a jab at Apple in its latest teaser which hypes up the release of its new flagship smartphone.
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If a new report out of South Korea is believed, the Galaxy S9 is going to feature an image sensor that’s going to be capable of recording video at 1,000 frames-per-second. It’s claimed that Samsung will make this sensor in-house instead of sourcing it from a third-party supplier. It won’t be breaking any new ground with this image sensor as it has been done before.
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T-Mobile has spent a lot of money to build its new extended LTE network. It spent $8 billion in a frequency auction earlier this year to acquire 45 percent of the 600 MHz spectrum. If you’re a T-Mobile customer looking forward to using your handset on this better network don’t buy the new iPhones. They don’t have support for T-Mobile’s 600 MHz extended LTE network.
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The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest console, but yet for some reason, it seems that every copy of the console that has been released to date is hiding a copy of the NES game, “Golf”, or at least that seems to be what the folks over at (via ArsTechnica) have recently discovered. Read full post →Nintendo Switch Consoles Are Hiding A Copy Of NES ‘Golf’ Game

Given that Blizzard’s Overwatch is an online multiplayer game, it makes sense that the developer is always looking to keep things fresh and exciting, such as by adding new maps, modes, and heroes to the game. According to the game’s director Jeff Kaplan, he confirmed during IGN’s Expert Mode Show (via Stevivor) that there is a new hero in the works. Read full post →Blizzard Confirms New Overwatch Hero In The Works

Recently we’ve seen how researchers are using technology such as AI to detect Alzheimer’s early on, as early as 10 years, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that technology is also being used to detect disease outbreaks way before they can happen, like in the case of malaria where researchers use satellite data to predict potential outbreaks. Read full post →Satellites Can Predict Malaria Outbreaks Months Before It Happens

When going to an airport, it isn’t uncommon to see sniffer dogs walking about. This is to help sniff out anyone who might be trying to smuggle things like explosives or drugs onto planes (in addition to security screening systems). However it seems that over in the UK, there will be sniffer dogs that have been trained specifically to sniff out hidden data devices. Read full post →These Sniffer Dogs Can Be Used To Detect Hidden Data Devices

In a report from Bloomberg, it seems that Google’s parent company could be considering making an investment to the tune of $1 billion in ride-hailing service Lyft. Both companies are said to have been in talks with each other, with the investment possibly coming from either Google or CapitalG, Alphabet’s private-equity arm. Read full post →Alphabet Reportedly Considering $1 Billion Investment In Lyft