steam_summer_saleA couple of weeks ago we brought you a report that the Steam Summer Sale could be kicking off on the 11th of June. Well it looks like the report was right on the money as the Steam Summer Sale has officially gone live. For those who are unfamiliar with the Steam Summer Sale, it is an annual event in which many games are sold at massive discounts.

As it stands if you were to navigate on over to the Steam website, you will see many games have received as much as a 75% discount, although there are some that only get a smaller 25% discount, but on the whole it seems like this is a pretty good deal for gamers who wish to purchase games that they normally wouldn’t have at full price. Read full post →The Steam Summer Sale Is Now Live

BlackBerry StormOuch! While we all know that BlackBerry is in the doldrums, going to show just how far the mighty has fallen, here is another nail in the proverbial coffin – it seems that BlackBerry’s co-founder Balsillie did mention that the BlackBerry Storm “boasted” of a 100% return rate. That is definitely not something that shareholders of the company would like to hear.

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blulifeoneBlu, one of the lesser known smartphone manufacturers over here in the US, still intends to make their mark by offering not one, but two new smartphones, namely the Life One (2015 Edition) and the Life 8 XL. The former was revealed at CES earlier this year in January, while the latter, the Life 8 XL, happens to be a totally new handset.

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moto-e-2nd-gen-5The Moto E (2015) from Motorola was announced earlier this year, where it boasts of LTE connectivity as well as a larger display for your visual enjoyment – two things that were missing in the preceding generation. Having said that, if you happen to own this year’s edition of the Moto E and are a Verizon subscriber, then you would be pleased as punch to know that a software update which carries the version number 23.11.17 has already made its way, and assuming you have yet to receive it, perhaps it would be prudent to play the patience card.

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galaxy-prime-value-editionIt can get rather difficult trying to track down the various handsets that are in the market these days, even from a single hardware manufacturer, due to the rate of which different smartphones are released over the course of a single calendar year. Samsung does not shy from flooding the market with models of new smartphones,and it does look as though the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Value Edition is going to figure in their plans some time in the near future.

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meizu-m2-leakThe Meizu M2 Note has already been revealed to those who happen to live in China, but it does look as though there is another handset that is in the pipeline, and this model is none other than the Meizu m2. Just what kind of hardware does the Meizu m2 pack, anyway? The latest whispers on the street happen to point to a 4.6” display.

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Not too long after LG Greece shared that the LG G2 Mini will be on the receiving end of an Android Lollipop update some time later this month, along comes the update that has started to appear on the handsets of certain folks living in Greece. At the very least, this bit of news hails from the folks over at TechValue.

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It was confirmed late last month that the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC was being released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One on June 2nd. The new DLC pack brought four new maps as well as the continuation of Exo Zombies. As has always been the case, the DLC is exclusively released for Xbox consoles first. Gamers on PlayStation and PC have to wait for up to a month before they get it and that’s what’s happening this time around as well.

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It’s been a while since we talked about the PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub, a free toned-down version of the title that was promised to PlayStation Plus subscribers. However owing to Driveclub’s botched release the plans had to be shelved. Sony last reiterated its commitment to the PS Plus edition back in February and now there’s news that the version is almost ready for release.

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Twitter is making a major change to boost its messaging credentials, the company has announced that next month it’s going to remove the 140 character limit from direct messages or DMs. For those who don’t use Twitter, DMs are private messages between one or more Twitter users. This means that Twitter will no longer enforce the 140 character limit it strictly enforces for public tweets on direct messages, allowing users to exchange messages privately without having to break up a thought in multiple messages.

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