golf gte concept 4The Volkswagen Golf is probably one of the more recognizable cars in the market, and its GTI model is a pretty decent sports car that won’t necessarily break the bank. However if you thought that the design of the Golf could do with some changes, you will be pleased to learn that Volkswagen is thinking that too.

The carmaker has recently unveiled a Golf concept which you can see in the images above and below where it looks like it has been given a rather drastic makeover. This particular model is the Golf GTE Sport which the company showed off at the annual Volkswagen-Audi event in Austria and as the pictures show, it’s a pretty radical departure from the original design of the Golf. Read full post →Volkswagen Golf GTE Concept Features Gullwing Doors

chrome_extensionsExtensions on Google’s Chrome browser for the desktop are pretty handy. Some are pretty novel but there are some with use to others, like an extension to help the color-blind, or an extension to block ads, or an extension to help remember your passwords and sync it across your devices.

All of this sounds pretty good and we’re sure that many users would love to see these extensions brought over onto mobile. Unfortunately it does not seem like that will be happening anytime soon. This is according to a recent Reddit AMA (via 9to5Google) in which the Chrome for Android team answered some questions, one of them being whether or not extensions would be supported on mobile devices. Read full post →Chrome For Mobile Will Not Be Supporting Extensions Anytime Soon

Samsung-gear-live-runtastic-06A couple of years ago Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear which ran its own operating system. This wasn’t surprising given that Android Wear had yet to be released, so it was expected that future Samsung smartwatches and wearables would be powered by Android Wear. Unfortunately that was not the case as only the Samsung Gear Live would run on the platform.

Now it looks like Samsung’s only Android Wear device is no longer being listed on Google Play, meaning that if you wanted to get your hands on it, you’d probably have to hop on over to Amazon where it is still being sold, or find a third-party retailer who might still be carrying the device in their inventory. Read full post →Samsung Gear Live No Longer Listed On Google Play

apple patent home buttonThere are many who are probably still questioning Apple’s decision to keep using a physical home button, especially since there are plenty of smartphones out there that now use soft keys in its place. Unfortunately it seems that if you were hoping Apple will ditch the home button anytime soon, you might be in for a wait.

In a recent patent filed byApple (via BusinessInsider), it describes a system in which the home button could be used for more than just returning the user to their home screen or doubling up as a fingerprint scanner with Touch ID. The patent talks about how the home button could incorporate additional functions, like pressing down or holding it could launch a search function. Read full post →Apple Wants Your iPhone’s Home Button To Do So Much More

airline-smartphonemartyWe’re sure many of us have received forwarded emails, text messages, or articles that warn us about the radiation emitted by our smartphones, and how we shouldn’t sleep it with too close to our faces, how we shouldn’t use it while charging, and so on. Whether or not you believe those claims is up to you, but as far as the city of Berkeley, California is concerned, they believe customers have the “right to know”.

The city council has recently voted to pass a cellphone “right to know law” which basically makes it a requirement for cellphone retailers to put up a notice warning customers about potential radiation exposure, and that phones should be kept a certain distance away from the body which are considered safe levels. Read full post →Berkeley Wants Cellphone Retailers To Warn Of Potential Radiation

gears-of-war-remastered-xbox-oneEarlier this week you might have heard and seen that content regarding the upcoming Gears of War remake for the Xbox One has been leaked. No doubt the studio behind it, VMC Games, and Microsoft aren’t too happy about it and it seems that as punishment for those who leaked the videos, Microsoft will be officially bricking the Xbox One units of the perpetrators.

This is according to an email that VMC sent out to testers and obtained by the folks at Kotaku. According to a portion of the email, “This being said, as per that agreement with the testers in fault, Microsoft also permanently disabled their Xbox LIVE accounts (as well as other suspected accounts present on their Xbox One kits) and temporarily blocked all of their Xbox One privileges – meaning that for a period of time which Microsoft decides on depending on the severity of the offense, their Xbox One is entirely unusable.” Read full post →Microsoft Bricking Xbox Ones Of Gears Of War Leakers

toshiba-microsdToshiba knows that there is a growing market of action photographers as well as mobile customers who would want more and more storage space on their devices, which is why Toshiba has decided to cater to these groups with the EXCERIA Pro SD and EXCERIA microSD memory cards.

Read full post →Toshiba Targets Action Photographers With New MicroSD Cards

toshiba-usb-flash-driveToshiba of Japan has just announced that they will be introducing new members to the TransMemory family, and the two debutants would be the TransMemory Retractable U362 Retractable Flash Drive that boasts of a retractable design and super-fast USB 3.0 performance, in addition to the TransMemory Mini U201 USB Flash Drive that has been specially optimized for older USB 2.0 ports.

Read full post →Toshiba Reveals New Retractable And Mini USB Flash Drives

octopus-surgeonNature has long proven itself to be an extremely fertile ground when it comes to inspiring many inventions in the realm of science. For instance, this particular robot that was inspired by an octopus, where it boasts of delicate hand and arm movements which would bode well when it comes to performing surgery. After all, in the course of a surgery on some of the body’s softest tissues, extreme caution is required since it is equivalent to shaving a balloon without popping it.

Read full post →Robot Inspired By Octopus Could End Up Performing Surgery

makey-makey-goIt goes without saying that in this day and age, there are many devices out there that rely on a touchscreen, and if we were to be presented with two devices to choose from – one with a touchscreen, and the other full of physical buttons, chances are we would settle for the former simply because we are all so used to a touchscreen user interface. Having said that, how about turning just about everything around you into a touchpad? This is no superhero or mutant power, but rather, it boils down to the Makey Makey Go.

Read full post →Makey Makey Go Turns Just About Everything Into A Touchpad