Have you ever browsed social media only to be disconnected suddenly due to your WiFi cutting out, or suddenly losing reception on your phone? It can be annoying and it most definitely interrupts your activity. The good news for Android users is that if you’re an avid Instagram user, being offline will no longer be an issue. Read full post →Instagram For Android Gets Offline Mode

One of the popular rumors about the iPhone 8 is that Apple is expected to adopt a curved OLED display. In fact a recent report from Bloomberg has hinted at just that. It won’t be as curved as the Galaxy S8’s display, but it will be curved to a certain degree that will apparently allow it to give off the illusion of a handset with a full screen. Read full post →New Report Claims iPhone 8 Might Adopt A Flat OLED Screen

While there are some who prefer their speakers to be functional, there are those who feel that their speakers should also be aesthetically pleasing as speakers can also be considered to be a piece of furniture. Companies like Bang & Olufsen have excelled in that regard, but it looks like Master & Dynamic could offer up a worthy challenger. Read full post →Master & Dynamic Unveils Wireless Speaker Made Out Of Concrete

Image credit – iFixit

If you buy phones and you’re in it for the long haul, like 2-3 years, then things like how easy is the phone to repair is an important question. After all if a phone is difficult or almost impossible to repair, then either you’ll have to be very careful with it, or resort to changing to a new phone. So what about the Samsung Galaxy S8? Read full post →iFixit Galaxy S8 Teardown Gives It A 4/10 For Repairability

One of the touted features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is its Bixby assistant feature. However it seems that for some reason, Samsung has chosen not to launch Bixby Voice with the handset. Instead Bixby will still be released with the Galaxy S8 but the Voice feature will not be part of it which is kind of a pity. Read full post →Samsung’s Bixby Voice Will Launch In Canada This Spring

With apps like YouTube, users can watch a video while browsing other videos at the same time, thanks to the picture-in-picture feature that was actually introduced quite a while back. However the same was never offered with Facebook’s videos which typically popped up in a player of its own, meaning you either had to watch the video or close it to scroll through your feed. Read full post →Facebook Appears To Be Testing Picture-In-Picture Video

Just like how most of us hate junk mail, junk text messages, spam calls are just as annoying because unlike emails or text messages that can be deleted easily, spam calls require you to answer the phone first before realizing that you’ve been duped. Now there are various services out there that protects against such calls, and Google Voice is one of them. Read full post →Google Voice Gets Improved Spam Call Filtering

Earlier this year at CES 2017, Lenovo took the wraps off the prototype of their VR headset that would work with Microsoft’s Holographic platform. However the question that Lenovo was unable to answer back then was when the headset would be available. The company suggested that it would be launched in 2017, but no dates were given. Read full post →Lenovo’s VR Headset Will Launch In Time For Back-To-School

Prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, there were rumors abound with regards to the handset’s specs and features. One of the alleged specs of the phone was that it could come with a dual camera setup similar to what other Android OEMs have done in the past, and also what Apple has done with the iPhone 7 Plus. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Could Come With Dual Cameras

Different websites and services sometimes require different styles of passwords. For example some websites might be quite relaxed and simply require a password that’s 6-12 characters long. However some services, especially banking services, might require passwords that have upper and lowercase letters, and a mix of numbers and alphabets. Read full post →Microsoft Enables Phone Sign-In Feature For Microsoft Accounts