amazon-flingThe new Amazon Fling service is worth checking out for sure, as it happens to be a cross-platform toolkit which has allowed mobile developers to churn out rich multi-screen experiences when it comes to the Amazon Fire TV. Right at its core, the Amazon Fling SDK will enable the sending of video, audio and images from iOS and Android mobile apps over to Amazon Fire TV, which would certainly make your second screen experience a whole lot richer.

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samsung logo 5Samsung, the conglomerate that some might say to be a prototype to that of the fictional Umbrella Corporation, hails from South Korea, a country that has the fastest internet connection speed in the world. It seems that Samsung and Google had laid down the banhammer on popular gay social networking apps from their online stores, at least according to the folks over at Buzzfeed News.

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microsoft_logoWhile we have had word of Microsoft doing some clean up act, getting rid of redundant apps as well as streamlining their workforce, here is some good news to break the streak of rather depressing cuts. We’re talking about expansion here, baby! Microsoft has started to bring Music and Movies & TV for the Windows Store in more countries than ever before. This would definitely bring a smile to the faces of international users who have long rued the fact that Microsoft products tend to remain within the borders of the US, as Cortana too, remains restricted to just a handful of countries. Things are a-changin’, they are.

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ellen-paoTimes are hard these days, there is no denying it at all. Just take a look at the world around you – wars, rumors of wars, economic instability, unemployment, the whole works. Having said that, here is another person who has lost her job – or rather, voluntarily, as Ellen Pao has resigned from her position as interim chief executive of Reddit. The reason behind this resignation is not because she felt that her job there is done and she has achieved all that she wanted to, but rather, due to a backlash from the website’s users after she decided to let go of a popular member of staff.

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microsoft-logoIt looks like Microsoft continues to march forward with their streamlining process – which included shedding 7,800 jobs from their payroll, and this time around, the cull will involve a number of Microsoft-branded apps (formerly known as Bing apps) over the course of the coming months. Microsoft has started to send out notices to users of its MSN Health & Fitness, MSN Travel and MSN Food & Drink apps for all platforms, and that will include Windows, iOS and Android, that those apps will eventually be discontinued.

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D750_24_120_front34l.highNikon D750 owners, if you’ve noticed that recently the photos you’ve been taking with your camera appear to be a bit “off”, it might not be that your skills have dropped or that your eyes are seeing things. It could in reality be an issue with the camera itself. This has since been confirmed by Nikon who has recently issued a service advisory to camera owners.

According to Nikon, “It has come to our attention that the shutter in some Nikon D750 digital SLR cameras manufactured in October and November of 2014 does not function normally, sometimes resulting in shading of a portion of images. We have decided to take the following measures regarding this issue. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.” Read full post →Nikon D750 Users Issued With Service Advisory

samsung-invisible-controlsWhen it comes to patents, companies would love to have as many as possible – after all, you can never tell just how useful they can become in the future, taking into consideration how innovation from different companies might require them to make use of your idea. Having said that, we reported at the beginning of this month that Samsung holds pole position when it comes to patent filings for wearable technology, but the trick is to translate all of those patents into success in the marketplace via innovative and popular products. With that, we bring you word that Samsung has just picked up a patent for near invisible virtual buttons.

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samsung-flexible-oledNow, a device that folds itself in half is nothing new at all, as we have long seen clamshell phones in the past, leading to the likes of the Nintendo DS that brought about a renaissance of the classic Game & Watch form factor. Well, Samsung might be on to something that the future would love here after picking up a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as this particular patent points to a flexible display for a foldable TV and/or or tablet.

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motog-2015-renderIt was just yesterday that we brought you word on how a Chilean telco leaked out details concerning the soon-to-arrive Motorola Moto G (2015), never mind that nothing official from Motorola has been released just yet. There is no smoke without fire, and we have “inhaled” more than our fair share of smoke, and just in case you need the proverbial nail in the coffin to confirm the existence of this device, 3D renders of the alleged Motorola Moto G (2015) has leaked out.

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sennheiser in-earSennheiser is probably a brand that many headphone enthusiasts out there are familiar with. Last year, the company introduced an in-ear headphone part of its Momentum series and it looks like this year at IFA, the company is expected to take the wraps off a new in-ear headphone which will also be part of the Momentum lineup.

However if you were hoping for a drastic overhaul in specs, you might be disappointed. One of the major changes that Sennheiser will be bringing to the table will pretty much be just a color variant. Previously the headphones were designed with a black and red finish, but at IFA 2015, Sennheiser will debut the black chrome variant which will feature stainless steel components and a mirror chrome finish. Read full post →Sennheiser To Introduce New Black Chrome Momentum In-Ear Headphones