As a developer, Blizzard loves celebrating the various holidays and loves translating those holidays into their games, such as the Lunar Festival in World of Warcraft which is meant to be Blizzard’s take on Chinese New Year; Love is in the Air in World of Warcraft for Valentine’s Day; and Winter Wonderland in Overwatch which is meant to be Christmas. Read full post →Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Will Be Returning December 12

Last month Google announced that they will soon start to remove Android apps that uses the Accessibility API for non-accessibility purposes. While we understand Google’s desire to prevent developers from abusing or taking advantage of APIs for purposes other than what it was intended for, this led to a bit of a backlash. Read full post →Google To Reevaluate Apps That Use Android’s Accessibility API

As you might have heard, Apple’s HomePod speakers was supposed to launch this year, but Apple later confirmed that the speaker would be delayed to 2018. This is rather unfortunate as we’re sure that some were looking forward to getting it in time for the holidays, but know that Apple feels bad about it. Read full post →Apple ‘Feels Bad’ About HomePod’s Delay

shazamShazam was one of the first music recognition apps available for smartphones back in the day, and its functionality has since expanded where it can also recognize TV shows. Apple has also integrated the app and its functionality into iOS, where users can ask Siri to Shazam songs without having to launch the app itself. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Looking To Acquire Shazam

Back in October, there was an issue discovered with the Google Home Mini in which it appeared to be recording everything the user is saying or doing even without being prompted. However it later turned out that this was not a privacy issue or a bug, but rather a hardware issue in which the button on the device got a bit sticky and continued to hold record. Read full post →Google Home Mini Update Restores The Touch Functionality

After being teased earlier this year that Amazon Prime Video would be finding its way onto the Apple TV, the good news is that Apple TV users won’t have to wait anymore because Amazon has since announced that the Prime Video app is now available for the Apple TV, although you will require an Amazon Prime subscription to really take advantage of it. Read full post →Amazon’s Prime Video App Now Available On The Apple TV

Razer is a company known for building gaming peripherals. In fact everything about them is more or less about gaming, which is why when the company announced the Razer Phone, it was a phone that was also catered towards gamers. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the company’s latest product is also one created for gaming in mind. Read full post →Razer’s ‘Portal’ Is A Wireless Mesh Router For Gamers

As it stands, Instagram allows users to send direct messages to each other through the app. However it seems that just like Facebook, Instagram is now considering spinning off that messaging feature into its own app called Direct. This is according to a report from The Verge in which Instagram confirmed that the app is indeed in testing. Read full post →Instagram Testing ‘Direct’, A Standalone Messaging App

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While sometimes working overtime is necessary to get the job done and to meet deadlines, over in Japan, working overtime is sort of part of the working culture. Unsurprisingly this has some negative consequences to it, but it is also something that the Japanese government is trying to cut back on. Read full post →Drones Used In Japan To Curb Overtime, Encourages Workers To Go Home

While software bugs do happen from time to time, we have to say that the number of bugs and issues popping up in iOS 11 is a bit alarming. In fact the latest is less of a bug and more of a security vulnerability which involves HomeKit and if exploited, will allow hackers to gain unauthorized control of various HomeKit-connected accessories. Read full post →HomeKit Vulnerability Discovered In iOS 11.2