When using apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, seeing if your friends are online at the moment is important because then you know whether or not the person might reply immediately. However when it comes to Instagram, we’re not sure if there is a need to see whether or not your friends are online, or is there? Read full post →Instagram Now Shows When Your Friends Are Online

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Apple has faced criticism with regards to its Butterfly keyboard mechanism that was introduced to its MacBooks, where users found that even little bits of dust or debris can ruin the mechanism which in turn prevents keys from being detected when pressed. However a recent teardown by iFixit found that Apple addressed this issue with a silicon membrane. Read full post →New MacBook Pro Keyboards Are Now Better At Protecting Against Dust

Fans of Star Wars might recall that about a decade ago, an animated series dubbed Star Wars: The Clone Wars was launched. Fans also probably recall how the series was cancelled back in 2013 which we’re sure many felt was a bit of a pity, although there is good news as Disney has decided to bring it back. Read full post →Star Wars: The Clone Wars Returns For One More Season

Things break down from time to time, such as screws becoming loose and falling out, nuts and bolts breaking off from furniture, and so on. If you’re a handy person then chances are replacing them will be a piece of cake, but what about those who aren’t too familiar with such repair work? Thankfully Amazon has a solution. Read full post →Amazon’s Part Finder Helps You Shop For Nuts And Bolts

One of the great features of Spotify is helping people discover new music. This is done through curated playlists which are updated frequently. This is beneficial for music listeners who want to discover new artists and songs, but also beneficial for musicians and artists who are hoping to reach new audiences. Read full post →Spotify Now Lets Artists Submit Unreleased Music For Playlists

Sea of Thieves is going to get a DLC update later this month. The DLC pack titled “Cursed Sails” was first teased at the E3 2018 gaming convention last month. It has now been confirmed when the update is going to be released for the title. Players will also be interested to know how much the DLC costs and there’s some good news for them on that front. The first DLC for this title was released back in May.
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DC fans will be well aware that it has been working on its own streaming service for DC movies and TV shows. The service has aptly been titled DC Universe and now the company has revealed some more details about it. What DC fans were most looking forward to find out was just how much a subscription to this service would cost. We now know that a DC Universe subscription is going to cost $8 per month.
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Huawei today announced the launch of a new wearable device, the Huawei TalkBand B5. It’s the fourth generation of the company’s TalkBand products and the successor to the Huawei TalkBand B3 which was launched in 2013. It features a 1.13 inch AMOLED touchscreen display with 160×300 pixel resolution. The display is 2.4 times bigger than that of its predecessor.
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Facebook requires that users on the social network and Instagram be at least 13 years of age. That is partly due to the requirement to comply with the U.S. Child Online Privacy Protection Act. However, a recent investigation revealed that those rules were often ignored. The investigation was conducted by an undercover journalist from UK’s Channel 4 who started working as a Facebook content reviewer.
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It was first reported about two years ago that Google was likely working on a new operating system called Fuchsia, at least internally. The reports at that time suggested that instead of Linux it used the Zirzon real-time kernel. The OS is being developed to run on a variety of devices including but not limited to smartphones and notebooks. A new report today claims that Google now has more than 100 engineers working on Fuchsia and may be ready to ship it on smartphones within five years.
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