xbox playstation wall e3 2013 b 640x365According to an earlier report, Microsoft had revealed that sales of the Xbox One had doubled following the price cut from $499 to $399 which saw the exclusion of the Kinect. However how does it fare against the Sony PlayStation 4? Previously the PlayStation 4 was leading in terms of sales, but with the price cut and the reported increase in interest, has the Xbox One finally caught up?

Unfortunately that answer would be no. This is according to the NPD Group who have recently released their monthly report for physical sales in the US market for the month of June. Based on their latest figures, it would seem to suggest that despite increased interest in the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 still managed to earn the title of the top-selling console in the US for that month. Read full post →PlayStation 4 Tops NPD’s US Sales Chart For June

facebook mentions 640x426Heads up folks, it looks like Facebook has released a new app called Mentions, but there is a chance that you won’t be able to use it. Why is that? Well apparently the app is targeted at celebrities, or famous individuals who have verified Facebook accounts, i.e. official celebrity-owned Facebook pages and so on.

Why would anyone need such an app? Well some of the features of the app includes the ability to comb through a Twitter-like stream of posts that reference them or are about trending topics that could be of interest to them, which they can then use to repost on their Facebook accounts as a way of keeping their fans engaged. Read full post →Facebook Launches Mentions App Aimed At Celebrities

If there is one thing that the iPhone’s camera lacks it would be optical image stabilization. This is extremely important in photography, especially handheld photography, as it helps to compensate for shaky hands. It is also important when it comes to videos as it allows for a more smooth and cinematic-like experience, versus the jerkiness of an amateur recording.

Well the good news is that if you wanted your iPhone to have OIS (without waiting for the iPhone 6), you will be able to get it via the Steady camera app. The app has been designed for the iPhone 5 and beyond and basically what it does is that it provides users with OIS for their iPhones. So how does it work? Well it basically relies on the iPhone’s gyroscope to know where the camera is pointing at. Read full post →Steady Camera App Brings OIS To The iPhone

asha software update

For the past few years Nokia lost market share in the high-end segment but its feature phones held their end. These devices usually cost under $100 and were particularly popular in emerging markets. Nokia was popular in those markets due to its feature phones and even though a couple of product lines survived after the company’s devices and services business was sold to Microsoft, this is the end of the line for Nokia’s feature phones. An internal Microsoft memo all but confirms that the company will no longer divert resources and talent toward these products.

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bungie destiny

The wait is finally up. If you pre-ordered Bungie’s Destiny today is the day you get beta access. The Destiny Beta for PS4 and PS3 is live now. PlayStation owners are exclusively getting it a few days before it goes live for the Xbox. Download size for the beta is around 14GB so it may take a while for the download to finish, keeping in mind the fact that Bungie’s servers are probably hammered by all of the people clamoring to get their hands on the beta.

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facebook buy products

Facebook today announced that it is testing a new feature which will allow users to purchase products being sold by businesses through its social network without having to leave the site or mobile application. This will help businesses drive sales through Pages and the News Feed. The “Buy” button will show up on both desktop and mobile and will allow users to purchase products directly from the business without having to leave Facebook.

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nsa facebook malware

There’s always a risk involved when sending compromising photos to someone, you can’t really stop them from posting those pictures online, and then that’s a completely different kind of nightmare. But what about people who can see those pictures without you ever knowing? As we all know courtesy of Edward Snowden’s leaks the National Security Agency is running massive electronic spying programs which include capturing of data sent over email, apps and social media.  Snowden has revealed in a new interview how some folks at the NSA view the ability to access other peoples’ private photos as a “fringe benefit.”

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oculus rift 1024x660

Those who have been following Oculus since the days it was relying on crowdfunding to get its development kit into production are no doubt anxious to get their hands on a VR headset. The company has grown a lot since then, not to mention the fact that it was acquired by Facebook. Work on the development kit has also progressed quite a bit however we still don’t know when a commercial launch will take place. Perhaps before that happens Oculus will ready another product, motion controllers to be precise, which will aid VR headset users to control the experience.

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xbox originals

Initially the Xbox One wasn’t meant to be just a gaming machine. Microsoft showed off countless features that positioned it as an entertainment device as well. But in the end that didn’t help console sales, which were left far behind by Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft corrected that course by no longer making Kinect mandatory and seeing Xbox One sales almost double and its latest move to align Xbox with the purpose of gaming sadly marks the end of the road for Xbox Entertainment Studios.

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Activision’s $500 million title Destiny, developed by Bungie, is one of the most highly anticipated titles this year. As most of you would know Bungie was responsible for the Halo franchise before handing the baton over to 343 Industries. After an early alpha release gamers will soon be getting their hands on the Destiny Beta on next-gen consoles. Unfortunately the Destiny Xbox One beta won’t run at 1080p resolution, this was confirmed by Bungie community chief David Dague, who added that Bungie is aiming for full 1080p resolution on all platform by the time this title is due to launch.

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